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Welkom bij Polykonstrukt

Creative constructions, thematic eye-catchers, impressive 3D-decorations... All things are possible!

...we work for companies, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, cafés, theme parks, advertising agencies, recreation complexes, swimming pools, stage set designers, architects, organisers of exhibitions, festivals, events, private projects...

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Associate for Germany and Austria
Carmen R�hmann
Grand centre ring 13
76549 H�gelsheim
Mobile: +49 160 298 3983
Phone: +49 722 930 7272
Fax: +49 722 930 7272
E- Mail: fruehmann@t-online.de

Partner for Belgium

9de Liniestraat 12 unit 6
3200 Aarschot
Mobile: +32 475 28 00 38
Phone: +32 3 295 43 45
Fax: +32 3 295 05 45
E-mail: info@polykonstrukt.com
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Take a look behind the scenes!

Polykonstrukt workshops are a hive of activity. Ideas are hatched, concepts studied and project details calculated. Technical drawings as well as artist's impressions are put on paper. Plans figures, pictures, decorations, moulds... Look at a few photographs.

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